At first, Sloxxx was half-dead. Some say even dead, dark blue… And then he started crying, and the crying went on for years. They tried to calm him down, playing him Radio Belgrade and classical music. He turned to pot-bashing and radiator smashing. Then came the guitar…
Followed by Casio Synth and Commodore 64… He listened to Pink Floyd, The Beatles, Depeche Mode, FSOL and other stuff… He went to theatres and festivals and workshops and started playing… Minimal, hermetic, dubby music. Collage landscapes, vibrations and resonances, blurred
horizons, syncoped rhythms – the result of experiments with Ableton Live and other tools. His music comes from listening to The Space, inside him and around him, from the noise in his head and the rhythm and dynamics. Exploration and wandering. Meditation and maths. Above all, his music is an introspective trip into listening and expectation – from Siberia to Argentine, Detroit to Berlin, Durmitor to Panonia.
No end or goal in sight.
ओम् तत् सत्

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